Overdose Outreach

The Overdose Outreach Program, a collaboration between the Overdose Outreach Team (OOT) and Community Builders, offers a safe and supportive environment for individuals who have experienced an overdose or are at risk of relapse. The program provides 11 beds, allowing participants to stay for up to 14 days, during which they receive support from the OOT and healthcare professionals. Each unit is equipped with a Lifeguard button to further promote harm reduction. The primary objectives are to offer ongoing support and connect participants with long-term care and recovery resources, reduce fatal and non-fatal overdoses through harm reduction education and access to naloxone, and link participants with detoxification, treatment, and opioid agonist therapies (OAT) to support their recovery journey.

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"I have been living here since 2016. The Metson has provided me with a safe and secure place to live. I have privacy and the freedom to come and go as I please. I also enjoy the meals that are provided when possible. The staff are there if you need any help."


Resident, The Metson