Metson Rooms & Metson Shelter

1060 Howe St. Vancouver BC

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Metson Rooms represents a thoughtfully designed housing complex consisting of 100 self-contained units. Primarily catering to low-income individuals, this establishment operates with round-the-clock staff, ensuring that residents receive comprehensive support and care at all times. Metson Rooms proudly provides residents access to the esteemed Whole Life housing program, which encompasses an array of vital support services to promote the well-being of its residents. Under the auspices of this program, residents benefit from a range of essential amenities and services aimed at fostering a dignified and comfortable living environment. These services include the provision of meals, efficient housekeeping, effective pest control measures, and timely maintenance services.

In addition, Metson Shelters operates out of the first floor of the building, providing temporary shelter to up to 40 individuals year-round.

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