Nutritional Supplements

The Nutritional Supplement Program is designed to address malnutrition concerns among individuals living in Community Builders-operated buildings by providing affordable and accessible nutritional supplements. Through a partnership with revicare by CareRx, eligible participants will have access to Boost and Ensure ready-to-drink beverages at a 50% discount. These beverages are high-protein, high-calorie, and nutrient-dense, offering potential benefits to those with poor appetite or malnutrition due to factors such as poverty, chronic illness, mental health issues, or substance use.

Current residents of Community Builders programs can ask a staff member for more information on this program.

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"I have been living here since 2016. The Metson has provided me with a safe and secure place to live. I have privacy and the freedom to come and go as I please. I also enjoy the meals that are provided when possible. The staff are there if you need any help."


Resident, The Metson