Pet Foster Care Program

The responsibilities of pet ownership and the valuable emotional support animals provide can lead to positive outcomes for residents with pets. However, for various reasons (ie. hospitalization, incarceration), a resident may not be able to provide the care and attention needed for their pet to thrive. In these cases, a pet may require a safe place to stay while their owner is away or until a new home is found.

Here's what you need to know about the Pet Foster Care program:

  • What is it: The Pet Foster Care Volunteer program allows Community Builders staff and other community members to volunteer as foster parents for pets in need. This may include dogs, cats, or other small animals that need a temporary home. Length of stay varies depending on each unique situation.

  • How it works: If you're interested, you can reach out to When pets become available, we will send out an email with information regarding the animal to relevant volunteers and you will have the opportunity to opt in.

  • Why participate: At Community Builders, we don't stop at supporting our residents, we support their pets as well! Let's make a difference in the lives of animals together.

If you'd like to learn more about this program, please reach out to

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