Building Support Coordinator (#254)



Area of work


Hours of work

8:00 - 16:00

Days of work

Monday - Friday

Grid level

12 - JJEP Wage Grid

Apply by

October 17, 2022

The Building Support Coordinator participates with the housing manager to maintain the day-to-day operations and standards of the assigned Housing site by performing duties such as resident intake, submission of maintenance lists, and assisting with compliance with Community Builders, COV, and VFD standards.

Functions & Responsibilities:

  1. Interview potential residents, collect information from BCH coordinated access, determine client suitability for the housing program, inform clients of program policies and procedures, and make referrals to other programs as required.
  2. Assist the supervisor in providing orientation, training, work direction, and guidance to resident support workers when required. Report building condition issues to management as well as adherence to policies and procedures by staff. Provide work direction to staff, such as extra cleaning tasks to maintain building standards. Contact Property Management for maintenance and/or Assistant Manager/Housing Manager/Operations Manager.
  3. Provide input to residence workers' performance evaluations when required. Document staff issues or feedback to management and Human Resources for follow-up.
  4. Provide work direction and guidance to case planning for clients and/or healthcare providers to meet the needs of the client and/or community.
  5. Maintain related resident records. Advocate for clients by problem-solving in areas such as financial assistance, accessing community resources, and connecting residents to professional or medical organizations when required. Act as a liaison with community agencies, promote and encourage community involvement in the program.
  6. Provide crisis intervention in situations such as medical emergencies and client disputes.
  1. Perform other related duties as assigned.
  2. Participate in case planning with Home Support Worker to assist vulnerable residents with required support levels.
  3. Ensure the safety binder is current with banned lists, staff meeting minutes, etc.
  4. Maintain building occupancy and rent collection as the highest priority, liaising with the ministry about rents. Post appropriate notices on resident doors for nonpayment of rents. Oversee room turnover and conduct intake of new residents. Sign tenancy agreements for new residents (Tenancy Agreements/Program Housing Agreement).
  5. Do regular building rounds during each shift.
  6. Ensure hallways are clear at all times, no health and safety hazards to tenants exist in common areas. Notify management if there is excess garbage.
  7. Conduct monthly room checks. Document any fire safety deficiencies, maintenance deficiencies, pest control issues, clutter, health, and safety hazards. Assist with arranging Resident Support Worker and Home support staff as needed for cluttered/hoarding rooms.
  8. Ensure the schedule and tenant roster are always posted. Conduct wellness checks for residents not seen. Resident files need to be kept in a filing cabinet and updated regularly. Use a database to record all significant/routine resident interactions. Send daily shift reports.
  9. Resident Issues. Write incident reports for resident behavioral issues. All evictions must be done with approval from the director and input from the staff and management team.
  10. Resident Support – To be completed with RSW. Check in with vulnerable and at-risk residents, provide peer counseling, and support. Arrange mental health support, home support, and other services. Liaise with service providers. Report any serious issues to Management. Assist care aide/Personal Support Worker when needed for resident care issues.
  11. Inspections. Be present during the annual city of Vancouver inspection and fire inspection. Follow instructions of the Property Manager to assist with preparation and site compliance. Forward any notices of violations to Management.
  12. Supplies. Order supplies for meal programs, building, and cleaning supplies on a weekly basis using the appropriate forms. Oversee an efficient storage system, keep track of inventory.

Education & Experience:

  1. A minimum of one (1) year post-secondary education with a certificate in mental health & addictions and a minimum of one (1) year's experience in a similar setting with a mental health and addictions-related agency, with responsibility for front-line service delivery, crisis intervention, debriefing and support, conflict resolution, and case planning or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.
  2. One (1) year's experience working with people with mental illness or those at risk of homelessness and a demonstrated commitment to promoting empowerment and individual/group advocacy.
  3. Certificates in Narcan Training, First Aid, Trauma, and NVCI.
  4. Criminal record check.

Skills & Abilities:

  1. Ability to work in a harm reduction environment, including an observed consumption area, as well as familiarization with the principles of harm reduction.
  2. Physical ability to carry out the duties of the position.
  3. Able to work independently with minimal supervision, exercise initiative and good judgment.
  4. Ability to operate related equipment.
  5. Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
  6. Ability to organize and prioritize.
  7. Ability to observe and recognize changes in clients.
  8. Ability to establish and maintain rapport with clients, staff, and management and collateral service providers.
  9. Home management skills.
  10. Ability to instruct and analyze and resolve problems.
  11. Conflict resolution and crisis intervention skills.
  12. Ability to assist with medication support and follow established policies and procedures.
  13. Advocacy skills.

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